I am an artist and curator and Creative Director of North Light Arts

My works revisit a long neglected spirit of place, responding to my immediate location on the East Coast of Scotland, an ancient interface of nurtured and wild nature. In this place I call home, my works gain a visceral and restless quality through the physicality of raw materials.

Intimate and eternal journeys that seek to explore the inherent tensions between nature and man: musing on our elemental, though increasingly fleeting, relationship between people and the environments we inherit and inhabit.

Section | Paradise in Sole 2011

Section | Paradise in Sole 2011

My work is driven by encounters with the light filled visions of Buckminster Fuller, a late discovery of John Muir and the environmental issues which we now face. New works are derived from intense observation of my environment with natural and tactile raw materials being stitched and overlaid by mechanical processes in paintings, prints, installations and hand made books: essentially seeking the light and speaking of their organic roots. New and more collaborative ways of working also evolve, not through a linear process but through an elemental dialogue which rambles and flits and sparks a personal sense of place.

large scale paintings, landscape interventions or delicate artists books, each unfolds a story of elemental connection and rootedness to place. The contrasts betwixt tamed land & wild sea is my inspiration for works which are also underpinned by a wider environmental dialogue.

Since giving up my job as Course Tutor in Design at Doncaster College I was lucky to move north and graduated from Edinburgh College of Art; choosing to live and work by the coast in Dunbar where I am the Creative Director of the environmental arts organisation North Light Arts.

susie.goodwin@gwd.biz |www.susiegoodwin.co.uk
contact.northlightarts@gmail.com | www.northlightarts.org.uk

2014 Sept Art Root Open Studios
2014 Aug Response Cloud House Exhibition
2013 Mar:May John Gray EL Artists Award Exhibition
2012 Jun:Aug Nothlight : The Physic Garden Dunbar & the John Muir Way
2011 Aug Coburg House : Between Two Points : Joint exhibition with Irene Blair
2011 Aug JMB : one touch of nature…makes all kin : Curator/Exhibitor
2011 Jun Peter Potter : Herring Road : Curator/Exhibitor
2011 May Venus + Demarco + Beuys : Invited postcard auction
2011 Feb Outbye Gallery : Print Run : group exhibition
2010 Aug JMB & McArthur’s Stores : DAT Taking a Line… : Curator /Exhibitor
2010 Apr RSA : SSA Open
2010 Mar Peter Potter Gallery : Prize Winners exhibition
2010 Jan JMB : Out There InArt Contemporary Art Group exhibition
2009 Sept Scottish Poetry Library : By Leaves We Live Book fair
2009 Apr Cloud House Gallery : The Swallows Tale : solo exhibition
2008 Sep The Travelling Gallery : The Edge : Curated exhibition
2008 Jun Templelands Laigh : The Garden at Templelands Laigh : open studio
2008 Jun John Muir’s Birthplace : Trace -Three Harbours Festival : solo exhibition