John Muir Day Celebration Event

A New Thing Conversation
Artist’s Discussion and Short Screening of ‘Demain’  to celebrate John Muir Day and the land and seascapes of Dunbar.

Demain is a beautiful film made by French film makers who went in search of people from all over the world who are initiating creative and sustainable solutions to environmental issues.

Conversation as part of the exhibition ‘Land Becomes Sea Becomes Land’  Tuesday 17April at Dunbar Town House, with the beautiful French film ‘Demain’ – ‘travel the world of solutions’

This is a John Muir Celebration event supported by East Lothian Council

Land Becomes Sea Becomes Land

Land Becomes Sea
Becomes Land
Dunbar Town House | 31March to 13May

A retrospective solo exhibition. This opportunity has inspired me to produce a new work which takes the title of the show as it’s theme to explore the environmental concerns possible changes over time where land meets sea.

I have always felt a deep passion for the landscape, for nature and for growing in my own garden, so these subjects simply had to feed through into my artwork – to reflect on these deep-rooted themes and connections to place.

My practice is centered on the idea of ‘Fractals’ – a never ending repeated pattern, though chaotic and unpredictable in nature – seen in the tide, in a sea of corn, in a tree reaching for the light, the unfolding of the seasons, the duplication of the petals on a rose or in the way I feel the blood flowing through my veins. I now feel a real affinity with John Muirs’ way of seeing, when he advocated that we experience the power of nature itself, not to be cowed, but to be sensitive to our place within it.

My natural optimism about how we can make a positive impact on our own environment is reflected in the title of the show but as in David Attenburgh’s Blue Planet, each element depends entirely on the other for survival. I reflect on patterns of environmental change that sadly mark our footprint on the earth; yet this also poses a question, because I understand that we are entering an age where man does hold the knowledge and resources to be the solution.’

‘When one tugs at a single thing in nature, he finds it attached to the rest of the world.’ – John Muir